How to choose a good cloud service provider

In the cloud storage seekers and buyers are roughly faced to a one problem, That is How to choose best cloud sever providers. In that case they faced many problems like what is the best speed cloud sever, what are the cheapest cloud severs and what are the cheapest and speedest cloud severs who provide best customer service after selling the severs, what is the different between normal sever and cloud servers also hybrid cloud servers.

Normally It’s nothing, once migrating applications and workloads to the cloud, the particular environments you select and also the services offered by your cloud service supplier can verify the configurations required, fist you must identify your requirements befor buy a server.the work you wish to try to to and also the assist you will get from the supplier in doing it.
we can solve those major problems from a little research…

You can Guide from using these guidelines.


  • Certifications & Standards  –  providers have many awards and standard sertifates you can seek from providers website. From that you can get small idea about the best recognition cloud service providers.


  • Technologies & Service Roadmap  –  you can self guide their technologies with compairing your requirements.


  • Data Governance and security  –  If relevant, assess the power to safeguard knowledge in transit through encoding of knowledge moving to or at intervals the cloud. Also, sensitive volumes ought to be encrypted at rest, to limit exposure to unapproved administrator access. Sensitive knowledge in object storage ought to be encrypted, sometimes with file/folder or client/agent encoding.


  • Service Dependencies & Partnerships  –  Don’t forget to check who associate with the provider.


  • Contracts, Commercials & SLAs  –  you must seek about the cloud contract and agreement, Most of cloud providers contract is very complex. you can take a look form below criterias 
    •  Service delivery
    • Data policies and protection
    • Business terms
    • Legal Protections
    • Service level agreements
    • Cloud commercials


  • Reliability & Performance  –  you can use few methods for this.
    • First, check the performance of the service provider against their SLAs for the last 6-12 months.
    • Don’t expect perfection.
    • Ensure your chosen provider has established, documented and proven processes for dealing.
    • Disaster recovery


  • Migration Support, Vendor Lock in & Exit Planning  –  The most compatible or best cloud service is immaterial if the supplier doesn’t have a sound business. make certain your main suppliers ar a decent appropriate the long term conditions.



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